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share your e-health story

Help us to spread the e-health message by sharing your e-health story. We are looking for uplifting and inspiring e-health experiences!

We are looking for interesting stories from clients, healthcare consumers, patients and healthcare professionals who are willing to share their stories and may even be willing to talk about their experience in the media.

You may already have some testimonials or case studies that have been approved and we would dearly like to include these in our press stories.

Some questions that are relevant to these stories include:

  • What is your healthcare journey and how has it been impacted on by technology being used to manage your healthcare information?
  • How has technology helped you to improve your health?
  • How has e-health contributed to better patient care and patient experiences in your health service?
  • What benefits have you derived from having better access to your healthcare information?
  • How have you successfully engaged in e-health?
  • What kind of technologies are you using to help you better look after your health / provide better healthcare services?
  • What kind of health benefits / quality of experience in the health system do you feel is attributed to e-health?
  • Would you recommend it to anyone else in your situation and why?

Share your Story

If you would like to share your great story to help in promoting the e-health message to all of Australia please contact Amanda.

share your health story