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HealthBeyond offers a virtual world for the youth of today to take a step into the future.

This free for all event is aimed to educate and inform young Australians how they can better their overall health and wellbeing.

HealthBeyond takes learning out of the classroom by showcasing the most current technologies and innovations that can be used in a range of healthcare settings. Your students will enjoy an immersive experience that is relevant, educational, fun, entertaining, interactive and inspiring.

"Make Learning about the Future of Health a Fun and Interactive Adventure!"

Have your students to be the first in Australia to experience HealthBeyond.

Assist your students to better their wellness and health.

See the positive effect video games can have on development.

Get excited about our competitions and lesson ideas.

Make this the excursion of the year!

Get involved with HealthBeyond and take a step into the future.

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