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The Experience

Following an immensely successful launch at HIC 2011, we are excited to announce that HealthBeyond: The Interactive E-Health Experience will be a central focus of HIC 2012 in Sydney.

HealthBeyond is a major exhibition which showcases the technologies and innovations that will reshape how we think about, and experience healthcare. HealthBeyond explores the rich diversity of innovations that are taking place between individuals, their healthcare providers and carers which will continue to transform how healthcare is conceptualised and delivered across places and time.

HealthBeyond offers a unique and exciting environment to showcase your newest and most innovative technologies to delegates and consumers. Visitors will have the opportunity to see your products working in real life settings, such as home, GP clinic, hospital and aged care facility. Visitors will interact with clinicians as they follow the path of a patient journey.

HealthBeyond is centrally located within the HIC 2012 exhibition and an ideal opportunity for your organisation to make its mark in the e-health community.

Spaces are limited, so contact us now to arrange a customised package.

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Join HealthBeyond and bring your e-health vision to life!