2011 Technology Partners

The following innovative companies are Sponsors and Technology Partners in the HealthBeyond experience and we thank them for sharing our vision to ensure that HealthBeyond is a truly awesome experience. Together we promise - you will be impressed!

We thank our sponsors and partners for their support in launching this Australian first!

Silver Sponsor:

isoft logo

iSOFT is proud to support and be a part of HealthBeyond. E-health is key to connecting and coordinating care for greater safety and efficiency. We look forward continuing the discussion with you in Brisbane as we collectively advance e-health for better, safer and more cost effective care.

Principal Sponsor:

The National E-Health Transition Authority Limited

nehta logo
  • A: Level 25, 56 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
  • P: (02) 8298 2600
  • E: admin'AT'nehta.gov.au
  • W: www.nehta.gov.au

nehta is the lead organisation supporting the national vision for e-health in Australia; working openly, constructively and collaboratively with consumers, providers, funders, policy makers and the broader healthcare industry; to enable safer, higher quality, accessible, equitable, efficient and sustainable healthcare.

nehta was established by the Australian Commonwealth, State and Territory governments in 2005. It aims to develop better ways of electronically collecting and securely exchanging health information, to:

  • - improve the quality of healthcare services, allowing clinicians to more easily access accurate and complete information about their patients.
  • - streamline the care of people with long term illness, who need to be looked after by many different health professionals, by enabling seamless handovers of care through for example electronic referrals and discharge summaries.
  • - improve clinical and administrative efficiency, by standardising certain types of healthcare information to be recorded in electronic systems; uniquely identifying patients, healthcare providers and medical products; and reforming the purchasing process for medical products, while maintaining high standards of patient privacy and information security.

Powered by:

The Australian Centre for Health Innovation

achi logo

"The Australian Centre for Health Innovation (CHI) applauds the HealthBeyond initiative and is proud to be partnering with HISA. The CHI cloud demonstration platform and health expertise ensures pain free demonstrations to showcase the future of innovative healthcare delivery."

Frank Smolenaers, Director of Technology, Australian Centre for Health Innovation.

Care Innovations

care innovations logo

"The Health Guide" from Care Innovations is designed to help people with chronic disease manage their healthcare at home more effectively. By providing them access to monitoring, education and communications tools in one easy to use solution they are empowered to become better managers of their own healthcare, with technology as their tool.


motion logo

As a leading provider of integrated mobile computing solutions, Motion Computing is excited to be a Technology Partner at the HealthBeyond launch. We are always looking for a new vehicle to demonstrate the benefits of our rugged Tablet PCs. The interactive experience offered by HealthBeyond will certainly deliver a fresh and innovative showcase to achieve this.

LifeTec Queensland

lifetec logo

The LifeTec Smart Home Concept demonstrates how intelligent assistive technology, integrated in a holistic ambient living environment, enables people to maintain their dignity and independence in the home. Assistive technology in the home is becoming a viable option for the elderly and people living with a disability, who would prefer to remain in the comfort of their homes rather than move to a healthcare facility. LifeTec is the leader in assistive technology and smart home applications, providing people with solutions to everyday practical activities - at home, at work or in the community. Featuring innovative solutions from Technogym, Motion Computing, Tunstall, ComCare and Smartfit.

Autumn Care

autumn care logo

AutumnCare is dedicated to providing high quality enterprise grade clinical software solutions that enhance care and improve clinical productivity. HealthBeyond enables us to show how this is achieved in both the Community Care and Residential Care settings.


hrt telhealth

HTR supports HealthBeyond because we believe it will give people a better appreciation of the complexity of the healthcare system. They become familiar with the sophisticated technologies that are being employed to improve their health. Consequently, knowledgeable and better prepared people help to improve the delivery of healthcare services as their need arises at each point in their life cycle.


technogym logo

Technogym's innovative solutions make wellness simple and achievable for all. Their Forma range of equipment offers performance and functionality with a unique design for the home; mywellness key is a device that measures the quantity and intensity of movement to encourage you to adopt a more active lifestyle; and Easyline provides circuit training with non-intimidating and easy-to-use equipment.


technogym logo

Simavita has developed a revolutionary new wireless technology solution that dramatically improves the quality of life for aged care residents worldwide. The product, called SIM®, provides a better system for assessing and managing incontinence. SIM® is the result of a decade of research in Australia and is now recognised worldwide. We are excited about being part of HealthBeyond and see it is a unique opportunity to showcase our contributions to making life better for older people and their carers.


eos technoologies logo

EOS Technologies recognise that providing "the right information-to the right person-at the right time", is what underpins effective Community Services Management and Delivery. As a result, ComCare has been developed over a 25 year period by Community Care for Community Care. EOS Technologies are equally committed to supporting informatics and technology and are looking forward to a collaborative relationship with HISA with its Health Beyond initiative.


eos technoologies logo

Hill-Rom are world renowned when it comes to incorporating the latest technology in bed and surface design to care for your patients comfort and safety as well as increasing the efficiency of your staff. No longer does "one bed" suit all patients. Features such as Integrated Surface Technology, In - Bed weigh scales, Profiling Platforms , Brake - Off Alarms, Underbed lights will soon be standard features with regard to what is expected in a Healthcare Bed.With the Hill-Rom range of bed and surfaces, you are able to choose the Right Product for the Right Patient at the Right Time.


panasonic logo

Panasonic Toughbook Medical Clinical Assistant (MCA) devices provide healthcare professionals with rugged, lightweight mobility. They enhance patient care, reduce the risk of errors and increase productivity by delivering continuous workflow, and access to critical information.



IBM® Australia is a leading supplier of information technology hardware, software & services; business consulting services, business transformation outsourcing and IT Financing. One of our focus areas is on helping our Healthcare customers, of all sizes succeed through innovation.



The Inviza patient education product range was developed in partnership with clinical experts and specific patient populations. It is designed as an adjunct to the surgical informed consent process and to facilitate doctor-patient communication. Inviza online complements patient education in a variety of healthcare settings

The Australian E-Health Research Centre

AEHRC logo

Established in 2003, the Australian e-Health Research Centre (AEHRC) is a leading national research facility in ICT for healthcare innovations. A joint venture between CSIRO and the Queensland Government, AEHRC's Research Program aims to improve the quality and safety of healthcare for individuals and communities through an ICT research program focused on applied outcomes and active adoption by the health system.



MyGlucoHealth is a mobile and online service, provided by Telstra. MyGlucoHealth allows the electronic measuring, tracking and graphing of blood glucose levels simply. It provides an automated online system for alert notifications, testing and reminders and allows the sharing of the results with healthcare professionals and/or personal carers.


SAP logo

SAP® Collaborative E-Care Management leverages SAP's mobile applications, mobile device management, medical device integration, eLearning and collaborative platforms to better manage patients' health wherever they are and wherever they go. Improved collaboration and coordination of care activities outside the hospital provide higher quality of care, while also reducing healthcare costs.